My Story

Welcome to my fantastic website and thank you for taking your time to have a look. 
I have always longed to be at the beach and it has been my happy place over the years but growing up in the midlands I was about as far removed from the coast as possible. Seven years ago an opportunity presented itself to allow our little family to follow our dreams and moved to the South West of Devon. We really love this beautiful part of the world and it definitely feels like home. I feel so lucky as I now get to spend as much time as I like on the beach exploring with our three children and Maggie our beautiful dog.
Since spending time at the coast I have been inspired by the natural beauty of the beach and its surroundings to be creative. I initially created pebble pictures for family and close friends and I really enjoyed personalising them and creating something that was unique and special. Now with our children all at school I have taken the opportunity to start my own business creating beautiful individualised pictures for others to enjoy.

So around a year ago I decided to set up my Facebook page and my Etsy shop and although it’s taken me a while to get use to the online world, things have taking off and I am now attracting lots of new customers and receiving fantastic feedback about my work. Best of all I have returning customers which really is the biggest compliment I could ask for. I feel really blessed to be able to share my passion of the coast with so many people in such a special way.

Each picture is created with great care and attention and is finished to a high standard. They are carefully and securely wrapped for protection and beautifully presented in a box. If you have any questions, please message me as I would be more than happy to help.

Estelle x

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